About Amber

I am a fourth-generation Iowan, a farm girl, an Iowa State graduate, and a mom of three. I have owned my own business and served president of the Parent/Teacher Organization at our school. I have worked with refugees transitioning to a new life in our community and helped college students plan their futures. I have been involved in the farm-to-table food movement through the state’s largest producer/buyer cooperative.

But the work I am most proud of is my work as the volunteer leader of a state-wide organization focused on gun safety. Together, grassroots Iowa volunteers and I work to spread the message of safe, responsible gun ownership across our state through educational programs and social media. As a gun owner, I know first hand the importance of safety and responsibility.

In the last legislative session, I worked directly with law enforcement and legislators to improve a bi-partisan firearms bill to keep Iowa a safe place for families and peace officers.

My priorities are the health, safety and financial future of the families and people of Iowa Senate District 19 - farmers, social workers, bankers, students, construction workers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, pastors, and plumbers.

My hope for Iowa is this:  that no one is left out or left behind as we move forward toward our future; and that innovation becomes our trademark in health care, technology, education, community safety and care for our environment.

It's a bold vision; a persistent hope. And it takes YOU to make it happen.