Hi, I'm Amber!

I am running for Iowa Senate District 19 because there is nothing I want more than for my children to grow up healthy and safe, go to college in Iowa, find good jobs and stay here in our state to raise their families.

Iowa is an exceptional state but far too many young people leave Iowa for better opportunities elsewhere. I left Iowa after I graduated from Iowa State in 1999, but I came back because I wanted to raise a family in a place I knew offered a world-class education and was safe from violence.

But since I returned in 2004 and chose Ankeny as my home, I have watched my state shift away from the common sense practicality and dedication to public education that I had known growing up. I have seen gun laws become looser and violent crime rise. I have seen rights we once prized and liberties we maintained swept away in midnight sessions of hyper-partisan legislatures.

For most of my life, I was a Republican, and until the Sandy Hook School Shooting in 2012, I was never particularly interested in politics. But as I saw laws passed on the state and federal level that could severely impact my children's safety and future, I had no choice but to take action.

I hope you will join me in this fight from the heart for strong, safe schools and healthy communities for all Iowans.

For your children and mine.

Let's #KeepGoing,

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