Media Mentions

Mothers against gun violence are running for office

Media Mention by Daily KOS.  January 21, 2018.

Fighting for legislative action against gun violence is definitely an uphill battle. But at least some activists are going a step further and running for office to try to pass common-sense gun safety laws....

Five years after Sandy Hook, U.S. gun-control advocates switch strategy

Media Mention by Reuters.  December 17, 2017.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Five years after a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school, advocates who are disappointed with the failure of efforts to limit access to firearms are changing their strategy....

Moms who became gun control activists are now running for office

Media Mention by ABC News.  October 21, 2017.

Amber Gustafson, a mother of three, launched her campaign for the Iowa State Senate the day after this month's gun massacre in Las Vegas....

‘Moms’ turn activists to stop gun violence

Media Mentions by The Pilot Tribune.  March 2, 2017.

You don’t mess with moms.

“You won’t find a group of people more motivated and passionate that mothers concerned about the safety of their children,” says Amber Gustafson, leader of the Iowa chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America....

Nominees for People to Watch in 2017

Media Mentions by The Des Moines Register.  January 7, 2017

The following are among the more than 50 people nominated as a Person to Watch in 2017 by Des Moines Register readers....

Group of Iowa mothers weigh in on Donald Trump's comments about women

Media Mentions by  October 7, 2016.

DES MOINES - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is under fire for comments he made about women more than a decade ago. And some women right here in the metro are not happy about it, saying this election should be focusing more on substantive issues....